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Should an exclusive broker know more about the property he is marketing than a regular broker?

Posted by Yair Sharon on 28/02/2021
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The obvious answer is “yes, for sure", After all, if the realtor received an exclusivity from the seller (up to six months) in order for him to sell his apartment, The obvious conclusion is that the realtor should know everything about the apartment and its owner.

So amazingly, The law and regulations of the intermediaries are "silent" in this matter.

The fact, As absurd as it sounds, An exclusive broker is not required to know more material details about the property he is selling (statutory status of city building plans, Information on land designations, construction rights, Construction anomalies as there are, מצב פיזי וכיו”ב) מאשר מתווך רגיל צריך לדעת.

אבל האם זה בכלל מקדם סגירת עסקה בין מוכר וקונה כאשר למתווך יש את מירב המידע על הנכס?

תלוי את מי שואלים – יש מתווכים שיאמרו ש”כן, But does this at all promote the closing of a transaction between seller and buyer when the broker has the most information about the property?, But there are those who will actually say that excess information and its duty of disclosure (duty of disclosure of existing information does exist in law), May actually harm the chances of closing a deal.

I personally hold the first opinion.

What's for sure, And until the law in the matter is amended, הוא שמתווך נדל”ן מקצועי צריך לשווק ולמתג את עצמו כלפי קהל הצרכנים (מוכרים וקונים) שעצם העובדה שהוא בלעדי בעסקה, Gives him comprehensive knowledge that he would not have had if he had not received exclusivity on the sale of the property.

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