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Isra-Asset Is an entrepreneurial and real estate brand in Israel, Operates in the fields of residential real estate (including luxury properties), Commercial real estate and real estate entrepreneurship.

Isra-Asset Breakthrough in everything related to the method of working with consumers - the only one in Israel that operates according to the principle of individual representation, the common system in the US, world's No. 1 in real estate brokerage.

Reliable brokerage" with us is not just a slogan, but a working method, therefore, all the members of Isra-Asset are working according to the "Isra-Asset system" which ensure quality and excellence in service.

We believe that real estate brokerage is a profession for all intents and purposes, that is why we invest extremely in initiation, study, Training and enrichment of team members - the knowledge accumulated together with the ongoing professional guidance on behalf of the Isra-Asset management, guarantees an appropriate professional response for real estate clients in Israel .

The management team

יאיר שרון – בעלים ומנכ"ל


Yair, Adv, an international expert in the field of Yielding Real Estate in Israel and abroad, Real Estate Broker

Extensive international experience in the field of yielding real estate (residential and commercial), and Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Business Development in Israel, Central and Eastern Europe, USA and Africa;

Served as the CEO of EconomyX GmbH in Germany;

CEO of LR Group's real estate in Angola;

CFO of "Sheraton Israel", CFO and Operations Manager of "Albar";

Business Development Manager of "Tamares Hotels", Asset Manager on behalf of the international entrepreneur Poju Zabludowicz of his real estate assets in Miami and Las Vegas;

Experience locating business opportunities in the producing real estate industry, performing of value and yield analysis;

Roy Hildesheimer - Marketing Manager

רועי הילדסהיימר

Roy, expert in marketing and building a marketing strategy, B.A. in Business Administration, with expertise in marketing and technology

Long experience in international marketing and marketing in Israel; Previously served as the CEO of Tens – a digital marketing agency; Served as Director of marketing in- SiSense – an Israeli startups in the field of business intelligence; The owner of Roi Marketing – Marketing consultancy and Marketing escort;
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