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Isra-Asset Herzliya – about us

Herzliya is considered a Prime Location area, due to the amount of real estate transactions in the city, the relatively high prices, the variety of real estate transactions (Residential, Commercial, Plan 38 - Tama 38, Land and Combination) and the socio-economic level of the residents in Herzliya.

The city is characterized by a surge in population growth, development & construction and urban renewal.

Dubi Keret, the owner and manager of Isra-Aseet Herzliya office, is the exclusive franchisee in the city of Herzliya on behalf of Isra-Asset network.

Area of specialization – any real estate agent working in the firm is responsible for an exclusive area (one or more neighborhoods) of expertise.

All of the firm's employees are committed at all times to the network's superprinciple – Reliability!

About the city

Herzliya was founded as a colony on December 13, 1924 and named after Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, Treaty of the state of Israel. Herzliya was declared a City in 1960.

As the years passed, Herzliya, like other colonies in the Sharon Area, changed, בדומה למושבות אחרות בשרון, from an agricultural colony to a locality whose economy is based on service industries and advanced industrial establishments.

The first track, between the beach and the coastal road is the western part of the city, which includes the neighborhoods "Sea View" (Nof Yam) and "Herzliya Pituach", built mostly for ground-floor villas. Luxury villas are built on the Kurkar ridge adjacent to the seashore, Hotels and Marina Herzliya. In the southeastern part of this strip is the industrial zone of Herzliya. Between the coastal road and Ayalon Highways is a residential neighborhood called "Herzliya Bet".

East of Ayalon Highways is the second strip, whuch includes among others the neighborhoods of "Gan Rashel", "Nahalat Ada", "Young Herzliya", "Neve Amirim" and "Green Herzliya".

The industrial zone is located in the southeastern part of Herzliya Pituach.. Today, the area is considered one of Israel's most advanced industrial zones.. There are many restaurants and extensive commercial areas in the area., which attract many clients outside of Herzliya Pituach.

As of December 2014 Herzliya consists of 90,733 Residents. The population is growing at an annual rate of 1.0%. The city is ranked 8 out of 10 in the Socio-Economic ranking.

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