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Upgrading the image of realtors in Israel - third post in the series

Posted by Yair Sharon on 09/02/2021
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Upgrade on a personal level:

The goal of every real estate agent is that clients turn to him when they want to sell or buy an apartment.

So how do you make the "dream" come true?

The mediator should be recognized as an authority / An Authority / Expert in real estate brokerage in the area where he operates (neighborhood / number of neighborhoods / city / locality).

Easy to say, But how does a mediator become an authority in his field of practice?

There is no closed list (Check list), But it certainly includes experience in the real estate brokerage profession, A record of success and especially the correct and intensive marketing of the professional knowledge of the broker (presumably - it is not enough that you are smart, Need to know that you are such) in all possible new media channels, Example of posting posts, Photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube, Tweets on Twitter, Instagram, Website and more.

It is very important for a broker who wants to be considered an expert to continuously export his content (not too often, But definitely at least once a week), And there are quite a few ways to do that, Example of writing professional articles, Articles on expert sites, Hosted by interviewers, Take tips videos, Write a personal blog and more (say there are today 64 Ways to create content!).