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What is the connection between the famous comedy "The Servant of Two Masters" and the world of real estate brokerage?

Posted by Yair Sharon on 02/02/2021
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The well-known play from the 18th century tells of a servant who in order to get rich, Receives one day two job offers from two masters separately.

The plot is based on the tricks of the servant who manages to maneuver between his two masters and barely fulfill the tasks assigned to him, And on the way gets confused between the things he is supposed to bring and what lord, While creating incessant complications, Most are comedians.

But in life, lifelike, Such a situation is not a joke, And in commercial life mainly, It can lead to dire consequences.

And for evidence - in the United States (number 1 In the field of real estate brokerage - 90% Users of brokerage services), Be able to internalize this and introduce a working method according to which a real estate agent representing a seller is not allowed to exclusively represent the buyer in the same transaction (and vice versa), Exactly for the same reason that happened to the servant in the "servant of two masters" - because there is a fundamental conflict of interest between the will of the seller exclusively and the will of the buyer, So it does not make sense for the same broker to represent both in the same transaction (unless the seller approves it in advance).

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